A basic essential requirement

At any time, we need to check an urgent message, a train ticket or confirm a carpooling appointment. Battery just cannot run out.

Install charging points in public space, university, on café terrasses or a festival site is now a must.

A commitment to health and ecology

Our Ilo Energie project provides an innovating approach : a pedal charging station.

  • Pedal-charge your phone
    is fun!

  • Practising sport
    is healthy

  • Human power
    is ecological

Fun Responsible Useful

A communication device

Ilo Energie enhances positive values.
Its customizable shell can bear your personal message.

Download instructions for use

A sustainable manufacture

Ilo Energie uses tough and reliable components and a stainless steel housing designed to withstand outside dangers (bad weather, vandalism).
Ilo Energie is made and assembled in France
in Ludikenergie workshop in Rennes.

Download technical sheet

The V2, a connected version
(released soon)

The human power producers community will connect to the station using their smartphone and visualize the energy produced. It’s up to you to think up challenges and rewards for their eco-responsible commitment.

More about it

Less is more*

*Design approach popularised by Mies Van Der Rohe

When Matthieu asked me to outline Ilo Energie, I had to face the challenging issue of the sitting device. The shape should serve the function according to the motto : « less is more ». Ilo Energie must be able to blend in with its environment. In fact, no specific seat is needed as it is designed to be adaptable to a public bench, as well as a deckchair, an armchair, or any other type of seat. To enable outdoor fixing, safe and shock-resistant metal has been used. As to the overall shape, my inspiration was stirred by the Japanese art of folding paper into creative shapes. Thus, Ilo Energie has been designed like origami.

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